Homeschoolers at the Library


Homeschoolers, please email Susan with your ideas and requests for homeschool programming

The Cleburne Public Library opens early exclusively for homeschooling families on Thursday mornings from 9-10 AM during the school year. All homeschooling families in the area are welcome, regardless of membership in an organized homeschool group.

Homeschooling families may use the library for reading, learning, studying, instruction, and networking. The space, computers, and resources are available for use. No other library services such as copying, printing, computer assistance, and circulation of materials (checking in or out) will be available during this time. Homeschooling families will need to wait until 10 AM when we open for the general public service.

Parents using the library facilities need to be mindful of their children's behavior during this time whether using the facilities or participating in a planned program. 

The Children's and Teen Librarian, Susan, offers special programs exclusively for homeschooling families on the first Thursday of each month.

The Homeschool Hour will resume in September!