Construction Projects

Road Closed tiltedA Capital Improvement is defined as water supply, treatment, and distribution facilities; wastewater collection and treatment facilities; storm water drainage, flood control facilities, and roadway facilities with a life expectancy of three or more years.

The Engineering Services Division works with other Public Works Divisions in overseeing Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs) and adhering to public infrastructure standards for the City of Cleburne.

A Capital Improvements Plan is required under Chapter 395 of the Local Government Code and must identify the capital improvements or facility expansions for which impact fees may be assessed.

The Capital Improvements Plan for Roadway Impact Fees (known as the Roadway Improvements Plan) identifies and estimates the cost of all roadway improvements projected for each Service Area for a ten-year period.

The Capital Improvements Plan for Utility Impact Fees identifies and estimates the cost of all water and wastewater infrastructure improvements projected for a ten-year period.

Current and Future Construction Project Updates

Street Maintenance Program 

Downtown Projects

Road Construction Projects

Water and Wastewater Projects 

Completed Projects (Within the Last Year)