Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion

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Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion and West Loop Reuse Improvements

The City of Cleburne has begun the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Expansion and Reuse Pump Station Project to address the increase in population and wastewater and water supply demand increases.  As demand increases, so do the requirements set forth by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ); this expansion will meet TCEQ requirements as well.  The $33-million project has been in the works for years and finally broke ground in October of 2021. The expansion will increase the facilities average daily capacity and increase the peak flow capacity.  The expanded WWTP will produce up to 2 MGD (million gallons per day) of high quality reclaimed effluent (treated and dechlorinated water) necessary for discharge into Lake Pat Cleburne as a means to augment the City's water supply.  The proposed West Loop Reuse Pump Station will deliver the reclaimed effluent from the WWTP to Lake Pat Cleburne with an initial phase of 2 MGD of flow to the lake.  The WWTP Expansion and Reuse Pump Station Project will include: 

  • An expansion to the influent pump station.
  • A new flow control vault 
  • New headworks facility for the proposed treatment train
  • New secondary treatment including aeration basins, blowers, return and waste activated sludge pumps and secondary clarifiers
  • New tertiary media filters and UV disinfection for the new treatment train 
  • Rehabilitation of the existing chlorine contact basins and chlorine injection room
  • Replace existing plant water pump station
  • Expand the sludge dewatering building building
  • Associated electrical controls and SCADA system improvements
  • Associated yard piping and hydraulic improvements
  • Drainage, landscaping and paving improvements
  • New 2 MGD pump station
  • New liquid sodium hypochlorite injection facilities

The City of Cleburne is working with Freese & Nichols for the engineering and design of this project and the construction will be led by Archer Western Construction.


James Randell, City of Cleburne Utility Superintendent, will be the city’s primary point of contact for this project and will be on site throughout the project. He is available at [email protected]

Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion Exhibit.A map illustrating the upcoming improvements to the Waste Water Treatment Plant Opens in new window

  1. 2022
  2. 2021


January 2022
Contractors began laying new collection system piping and water line.  They also began pouring the  aeration basin foundation sections, walls, and roughing in the electrical.  Excavation pipe laying began on the secondary clarifiers. 
February 2022
Work continued on the Aeration Basin Foundation.  The Secondary Clarifier Excavation and North Influent Pump Station excavation continued.  
March 2022
Began laying new collection system piping and complete the water line.  Continued with foundation pours and starting wall pours for the Aeration Basins.  Continued excavation and laying pipes and foundation for the Secondary Clarifiers. 
Continued with the new collection system piping, foundation pours, and the Aeration Basin.  
Finished the foundation pours on the Aeration Basin,  Secondary Clarifiers & Influent Pump Station.  
Started the wall pours for Secondary Clarifiers, Aeration Basins & North Influent Pump Station.  Started excavation and electrical rough in of the Electrical Building.  
In SEC No. 4 started water leak testing, and SEC No. 3 and Aeration Basin continued with wall (95% complete) and walkway pours.  
August 2022
Check back at the beginning of next month for August updates.