Facade Improvement Matching Incentive Program

The City of Cleburne Façade Improvement Matching Incentive Program provides a 50% match in the form of a reimbursement up to a maximum of five thousand dollars ($5,000) for eligible improvements to facades in the City of Cleburne. 

Participants are eligible for up to one (1) incentive per twelve (12) month period from completion of previous project under this program, if applicable. Applicants who meet the five thousand dollar ($5,000) match threshold are eligible for waiver of building permit fees. Only building permit fees which are part of the incentive application will be waived. Building permit fees for improvements not related to the incentive application and/or is not visible from the street, parking area, or public park are not eligible for fee waiver.

  • Must be an existing building located in the Cleburne Commercial Historic District or the Main and Henderson Street corridors
  • Eligible façade improvements shall not begin before the application is considered by City Council.
  • Improvements must comply with all applicable state and local code requirements.
  • Improvements must be on the exterior and visible to the public (street, parking area, or public park).
  • Buildings with multiple tenants are eligible for one (1) program incentive per twelve (12) month period from completion of previous program project.