Impact Fees 

The City of Cleburne imposes and collects Water, Wastewater and Roadway Impact Fees on new developments in the City limits and extraterritorial jurisdiction to the extent allowed by law on new building permits as determined in City Ordinance OR02-2018-10.

What are Impact Fees?

An “Impact Fee” is defined, by statute, as “a charge or assessment imposed by a political subdivision against new development in order to generate revenue for funding or recouping the costs of capital improvements or facility expansions necessitated by and attributable to the new development.” Tex. Loc. Gov’t Code§ 395.001(4). Put more simply, an Impact Fee is a tool that can be used to recoup, from property developers, some of the costs that new development places on City infrastructure. Impact fees require developers pay for the costs of new development. 

On February 13, 2018, City Council approved Ordinance OR02-2018-10 adopting the new Impact Fee Ordinance for the City of Cleburne. Before these fees were authorized, the costs associated with expanding Cleburne’s facilities were at the burden of all customers. Now, through the use of impact fees, the developers who create the additional demand are paying a larger share of the cost of meeting that demand. This will ensure that those who place additional demand on the roadway, water, and wastewater systems help pay the costs required to meet that demand.

Impact fees shall be collected at the time of issuance of the Building Permit, or for property outside the City limits at the time an application for connection to the City’s Water or Wastewater system is filed.  

No Building Permit shall be issued, and no Water or Wastewater connection allowed, until all Impact Fees have been paid to the City.  


Water & Wastewater Impact Fees

Meter Size
Water Impact Fee
Wastewater Impact Fee
1 1/2"
6" (Compound)
6" (Turbine)
8" (Compound)
8" (Turbine)

Water & Wastewater Impact Fee Exemptions
(Additional conditions may apply)

  • Meter orders are exempt if the property has had existing service with the same meter size. If the meter size increases, the Impact Fee amount will be based on the difference between the old and new meter sizes.
  • Residential 3/4-inch irrigation meters for existing customers are exempt from water Impact Fees if located on the same property as the residential meter. 
  • All irrigation meter orders are exempt from Wastewater Impact Fees.
  • Orders may be exempt based on development agreements between the City and the developer
  • 3/4" irrigation meters are exempt for residential subdivision entryways. The Impact Fee amount for larger meters will be based on the difference between 3/4" and the larger meter size.
  • Orders to exchange an existing tap for a new tap can be exempt if the development does not increase in the number of living unit equivalents.
  • Impact Fees do not apply to water demand related solely to fire protection.

Download the Impact Fee Study

Roadway Service Area Map

Water Service Area Map

Wastewater Service Area Map

For questions and more information about the Impact Fee Ordinance please contact the Public Works Department.