Master Thoroughfare Plan

The Cleburne Master Thoroughfare Plan evaluates the city’s short- and long-term transportation needs and guides the city’s transportation growth.

The plan’s goals include developing a well-defined and maintained system of thoroughfares, collections, and local roads, which promote circulation and ensure the safety and general welfare of neighborhoods; plan and design future roadways to encourage economic development; and incorporate alternative forms of transportation into future plans and development policies.

The plan was last updated in April 2008, with an amendment in 2017. The thoroughfare plan amendment realigns the location of Ridgeway Drive to extend north from Woodard Avenue to US 67.  The 2008 plan terminates Ridgeway Drive to intersect with Brookhaven Street at Nolan River Road.  A connection to Nolan River and (realigned) Ridgeway will be maintained via a connection extending from Brookhaven Street. The 2017 realignment provides additional access and circulation opportunity with emerging development between US 67 and Kilpatrick Ave., such as the Cleburne Railroaders Stadium.

For questions please call the Engineering Department at 817-645-0948.

Master Thoroughfare Plan, adopted April 2008

Master Thoroughfare Map, amended 2017