Restaurant Inspection Scores

City of Cleburne Health Inspectors conduct routine scored inspections a minimum of two times a year. These inspections are to ensure the health and safety of our community and try to prevent illness. The inspections are required by the Texas Department of State Health Services and follow the Texas Food Establishment Rules and city ordinances. Inspectors also conduct complaint inspections, follow up inspections, or foodborne illness inspections. The inspection process consists of a 47-line item inspection form, which entails hundreds of possible violations ranging from temperature issues, improper handling of food, improper hygiene, employees lacking certifications, pest infestations, cleanliness, building maintenance, and more.

Restaurants are required by the city ordinance, to post their most recent inspection report in public view. The scoring is demerit type. Therefore, if an establishment exceeds 30 demerits (Score below 70), it shall initiate immediate corrective action on all noted priority violations and/or immediate closure of establishment if imminent health hazards are observed. 

May 2020 Inspection Score                                            December 2020 Inspection Scores

June 2020 Inspection Scores                                          January 2021 Inspection Scores

July 2020 Inspection Scores                                           February 2021 Inspection Scores    

August 2020 Inspection Scores                                      March 2021 Inspection Scores     

September 2020 Inspection Scores                                April 2021 Inspection Scores        

October 2020 Inspection Scores                                     May 2021 Inspection Scores    

November 2020 Inspection Scores                                 June 2021 Inspection Scores