Pre-construction Meeting

Prior to any construction taking place on the project site, a pre-construction meeting must take place (Development Precon Agenda). Attendees should include the Developer, the Engineer of Record, the General Contractor, and all subcontractors that will be constructing public infrastructure.

The Developer shall submit:

Once the construction plans are deemed approved by addressing all of the comments, the following must be submitted before or at the pre-con meeting:

  •  A minimum of two (2) full size (24" x 36"), and three (3) half-size (11" x 17") scalable sets of final plans, plus an electronic copy and any additional sets required for the contractors, sub-contractors, engineers, testing laboratories, surveyors, etc. to be stamped and signed "Released for Construction" by the City Project Manager;
  • All plans for construction of the project should be stamped and signed sets. Only original stamped and signed sets are allowed in the field;
  • Developer Agreement (if applicable) if it hasn’t been executed;
  • Original Payment, Performance, and Maintenance bonds for public improvements;
  • 3% Inspection fee;
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance;
  • Copy of Erosion Control Documents according to size of soil disturbance: 
    • a. 1 acre to less than 5 acres – Site Notice for Small Construction Activities 
    • Caution: If your project is part of a larger common plan of development, and the total number of acres disturbed under the plan is 5 acres or more, then your project is not a small construction activity. You must comply with the requirements for Construction Activities Disturbing 5 or More Acres. 
    • b. 5 acres or greater – Notice of Intent (NOI) & SWPPP
    • Contact information for General, Utility, and Paving Contractors;
    • Marked Specification Booklet for the proposed infrastructure materials;
    • Approved applicable permits associated with subject site (i.e.Demo, retaining wall, TxDOT, Corps, etc.).

This list can also be found here.