Final Acceptance

All of the following are required for Final Acceptance of any project or development:

A final inspection must be performed involving personnel from Engineering, Water, Wastewater, and Streets & Drainage Departments.

  1. All Punch list items addressed
  2. Provide SWPPP Status by providing the following:
    • Notice of Termination (NOT)
    • Letter transferring erosion control responsibility to another party
    • Notice of Intent (NOI) for the Party receiving the Erosion Control Responsibility
    • Updated SWPPP - Letter of Continuation
  3.  Surveyor Monuments-Benchmark Form (Permanent Benchmarks - if applicable) Must Use City Form
  4. Off-site/Separate Instrument Easements Filed (Submit copies – if applicable)
  5. Submit Approved Final Plat Mylars to Planning & Zoning (Contact David Jellen in Planning & Zoning Department (817) 556-8811)
  6. Contractors Final Construction Red-Line Drawings with any Corrections (Contractor provides .pdf on Flash Drive or File Transfer to City and Original to Engineer of Record) 
  7. Signed and Sealed Record Drawings from Developers Engineer of Record
    • .pdf format on Flash Drive or File Transfer,
    • AND
    • .dwg file with guide to identify what layers correspond to in the drawing, OR 
    • ArcGIS shape file - with all attribute files included (.shp, .shx, .dbf, .sbn/.sbx, .prj, .xml, or .cpg files) Preferred method
  8. Receipt for Payment of Water to the City (Proof showing Construction Hydrant Water Meter paid and returned)
  9. Contractor/Developer Affidavit of Final Payment (Must Use City Form)
  10. 2-year Maintenance Bond (Updated, dated and signed for 100% of the cost of the Total Construction Costs for each Contractor) Must Use City Form
  11. Inventory of Final Infrastructure (Signed by the Engineer of Record) (Must Use City Form)

A Pre-final Walkthrough Checklist can be found here to help contactors understand what the City will be look at when they conduct the walkthrough. 

All items on the final inspection punch list must be addressed with the Construction Inspector.

Successful completion of the acceptance requirements outlined in the Final Acceptance Checklist.

Once All of the above items have been submitted satisfactorily, a Letter of Final Acceptance will be issued.