Construction Phase

The Construction Phase occurs after plans have been accepted and released for construction and a Pre-Construction Meeting has already been completed.  At this point, the contractor will be working very closely with the Engineering Inspector in adhering to the construction standards set forth for public infrastructure.  

Please read the following in its entirety to ensure that you are within guidelines.

During the Construction Process

  1. Trench Safety, safety in general and Quality Control.
  2. Keep all roads passable, maintain access to all drives and entrances and make certain that mail delivery and sanitation services can be performed during and after working hours.
  3. Construction staking.
  4. Disposing of all material safely and properly.  
  5. Staging, security and access to materials and equipment.   Contractor shall provide lighted barricades/barrels.
  6. Protection of all private and public property, including trees within the project area.
  7. Sanitation facilities and job cleanliness.  The contractor is required to provide sanitary facilities for all employees.  The contractor is required to provide solid waste receptacles that will prohibit wind or water borne litter from leaving the site, and continue disposal services as needed until construction is complete.
  8. 24-hour Advance Notice required to Residents and Business Owners for Water Shut-Off, Driveway or Alley Closures, and/or Access Limitations, and Construction Activities.
  9. Existing Irrigation Systems – Repair same day as damaged.
  10. Maintenance of all City streets and private property crossings for utility work within their project area during and after working hours.
  11. All disturbed areas are to be re-seeded and vegetation established prior to Final Acceptance.  Proper erosion control - a minimum of 70% vegetative cover will be required within the right-of-way and open space areas must be in place prior to Final Acceptance of the development.  
  12. Use of City Water – Contractor shall obtain a temporary construction meter for water use during construction.  Fire hydrant meters require a $2000 deposit and a $100 service fee; to be paid to the City of Cleburne Utility Billing Department, which is located at 418 W. Henderson Street.  Office hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.  The Utility Billing staff will schedule the meter installation and subsequent monthly readings.  Any changes to meter location must be coordinated with Utility Billing.  
  13. Contact the City and 211 (Dig-Tess) prior to excavation.  In the event that the Contractor damages an existing utility during construction, such damages shall be repaired to the satisfaction of the Owner at the expense of the Contractor.
  14. Notify the Construction Inspector 48-hours in advance of any construction activities that will occur near water or sewer mains that are closely located to area waterways and/or to storm drainage systems that would immediately drain to area waterways.  De-chlorination systems must be in place prior to the activity (if no incidents occur, the system may be removed for reuse after the project area is finalized).
  15. Do Not Operate Water Valves.   
    • Contact the Construction Inspectors between the hours of 7:00 am and 4:00 pm.
    • If unable to reach the Construction Inspection - Prior to 7:00 am or after 4:00 pm - Contact Non-Emergency dispatch at (817) 645-0972.
  16. Approved plans must be kept on the site at all times and must be stamped “Accepted for Construction”.
  17. Testing
    • Sub-Grade and Pavement Testing (for Public Paving) 
  18. Concrete cylinders will be required.  
  19. Copy the City with all Construction Testing Reports. 
    • All Water Main Testing – Must be Witnessed by the Construction Inspector
  20. Densities on backfill 
  21. Pressure test for water lines  
    • must be 150-psi for four (4) hours 
    • Contractor must have an employee present during the entire 4-hour period
  22. Hydrostatic testing (including services) required prior to stabilization or paving.  
  23. If the potable water line is located near area waterways 
  24. When pressurizing lines - the Construction Inspector must be notified prior to pressurization and must be provided with a contact phone number for the employee(s) who will be on site.
    • The contractor must have an employee at both ends of any pipe when pressurization occurs.
    • Bac-T Testing – Will be completed by City Operations Personnel
    • Sanitary Sewer Testing
    • Densities on backfill
    • Air testing
    • Mandrel
    • Televising – provide DVD for approval
    • Vacuum test manholes after final adjustments are made
      • Storm Drain Testing
    • Televising – provide DVD for approval