Residential Solid Waste Services

Trash Cart Cleburne Proper SetupThe City of Cleburne provides trash service within the city limits. Residential pick up is standard, and extra carts are available if needed.

Don't know when trash day is? Using this address inquiry tool, you'll be able to discover which day your trash is picked up and more—simply by entering your address.

Also, consider recycling and/or composting applicable materials instead of throwing them away when possible to help lessen the amount trash going into the landfill, and to reduce trash in the environment.

  1. Rules
  2. Cart Ordering
  3. Fees

Requirements For Trash Pickup

  • Use only city approved carts. 
  • Place cart at curb on your designated pick up day with handle facing towards the residence.
  • Please make sure the cart has a 3 foot clearance from any obstacles, to include mailboxes, to allow room for the truck.
  • Multiple carts must also be 3 feet away from each other.
  • Trash must be bagged and lid must be closed.
  • If the lid does not close, you will need to contact Sanitation for a second cart.
  • Overstuffed carts cannot be picked up and bagged items not in the cart will not be picked up. City residents can take additional trash to the transfer station once every 30 days for no charge with submission of recently paid water/sewer bill.  Max weight limit of 800 pounds for once a month free resident dumping. 
  • Cart Assistance Program (CAP) - If you are physically unable to set your cart out, the City can help you. Please see this form for more detail.  A site visit may be conducted by City personnel so they know where the cart will be located.

Trash Items Not Allowed in Carts

  • No Hot materials or ashes.
  • No hazardous waste.
  • No liquids or liquid paint products (Must be dry). 
  • No tires. 
  • No heavy materials such as concrete or construction debris.
  • No yard trimmings as this increases the risk of a landfill fire from natural decomposition of items such as grass. 
  • Bulk and brush item pick up is picked up separately from regular cart pick up. 

Cart Pickup and Retrieval Times

  • Cart must be at curb by 7 a.m. on your designated day.
  • Cart must be removed from curb by 8 p.m. that same evening. 
  • Sanitation personnel try to pick up trash as quickly as possible, however, they must offload the truck when full. They will return to your area to continue trash pick up after emptying the truck
  • Type your address in the GIS viewer below to find out what your designated day is via the legend. 

Sanitation Ordinances

  • Carts must be stored in a location to render it not visible from the street.
  • Private collection for hire for trash pick up is prohibited in the City of Cleburne.
  • Ordinances for Sanitation can be found here.
  • Contact the Sanitation Department at 817-641-2236 for any more questions.