2021 Street Program

The City of Cleburne will be performing street maintenance along with utility renewal projects. The roadways in this project amount to a total of 7.5 miles and the utility renewals include brand new water/sewer lines that total approximately 4,200 linear feet. 

Not only will roadways be improved, but the City will take advantage of the opportunity to improve the infrastructure under some of these sections at the same time!

  1. Roadways to be Resurfaced
  2. Utility Replacements

Starling Court
Wren Court

Madison Street

Odell Street
Featherston Street
Barber Street
West 2nd Street
West 3rd Street
West 4th Street
West Westhill Drive
Sabine Avenue
Chase Avenue
Pearl Street
Phillips Street
Ridgeway Drive
North Colonial Drive

Cemetery Property

South Colonial Drive

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