Cleburne Street Maintenance  Program

The City of Cleburne uses data to pinpoint the best budgetary investments for our street network. The City not only reinvests and resurfaces a substantial portion of the roadways every year, Public Works also takes the opportunity to renew older utility lines as well. 

Below you can find the historical information related to past years (back to 2019 when the program started in earnest) and those which are planned for the current year. Public Works is working hard to repair, maintain, and create a safe driving environment for everyone!

  1. 2019 Street Program
  2. 2020 Street Program
  3. 2021 Street Program
  4. 2022 Street program

In 2019, the City of Cleburne Public Works Department resurfaced approximately 9.5 miles of roadway! The City reinvested around $3.95 million dollars in its roadway infrastructure. 

Roadways Included in the 2019 Maintenance Program

Granbury Street

Boone StreetHillsboro StreetPrairie AvenueSouth Ridgeway DriveOlive Street
South Colonial DriveChase AvenueSouth Washington StreetGrand AvenueYellow Jacket DriveWest Industrial Blvd 
Cemetery StreetsBerkley Drive Anglin StreetNorth Ridgeway DriveWoodard Avenue

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