Garage Sales

Garage SalesAll garage sales within the City of Cleburne's city limits require a permit, which is only available through the Utility Billing Office.

Before you host your next garage sale, make sure you understand the City of Cleburne's rules and regulations for a safe event. The city's garage sale regulations protect the health and safety of our community and neighborhoods.

Rules and Regulations

  • Residents are required to obtain a garage sale permit before any sale event. Permits cost $7.50. Residents can obtain up to two garage sale permits per residential location within any 12-month period.
  • Each sale shall not exceed three consecutive days in length.
  • The seller shall not be engaged in the business of selling such tangible personal property.
  • The seller shall not be conducted in a manner as to create a disturbance or become a nuisance to the neighborhood.
  • The seller may only sell such property that belongs to them and may not sell property purchased for resale.
  • No more than two signs shall be posted on the residential property hosting the garage sale and no sign shall exceed a size of 288 square inches.
  • Signs are prohibited on other properties and within medians or right-of-ways. All signs must be removed at the conclusion of the sale.
  • Under no circumstance shall ANY garage sale sign be posted or otherwise affixed to any utility pole, street sign or traffic control device. 
  • Signs found on utility poles, street signs or traffic control devices will be removed by the Marshal’s Office and a citation issued.
  • A violation of any provision of the ordinance regulating garage sales shall be deemed an offense and punishable by a fine not to exceed $500.
  • The permit shall be placed near the curb, in front of the residence conducting the sale and shall be in full view of the street at all times of the sale.
  • A city representative may inspect a garage sale to verify compliance with all rules and regulations.
  • Once a permit has been issued, it may only be refunded or rescheduled on a day prior to the start date on the permit.

Garage Sale Listings

Those who have acquired the proper garage sale permit are added to the city's weekly garage sale list. View the latest list of residential garage sales here. Please note that the garage sale list is updated on Wednesday and Friday evening.

For more information, contact the Utility Billing Office at 817-645-0919.