Utility Operator Careers 

Want to take control of your destiny? The City of Cleburne has enhanced its pay scale and promotion structure for utility operators.\

Earn $16.83 to $35.33 per hour and get promoted at your own pace! Apply here.

The new Pay and Promotion structure allows for career growth within the City and gives you control over your career progression.  

You don’t have to wait for a position to become vacant, you control when you get your next promotion by getting your next level of licensing. if you get a license, you get a promotion and more pay.

Pay and Promotion Structure's Focus 

  • Recognition - Pay increases for existing staff, promotions for our licensed operators, and competitive pay for new hires.
  • Retention - The City provides a clearly defined career path with multiple promotions and pay increases based on licensing and tenure; in addition to any applicable merit and C.O.L.A. increases while also paying for our operators’ training and licensing.
  • .Recruitment – If you already have a license, you will begin your career at that level, and at a pay that matches your licensing  

Be part of a team where you can grow your career as a Utility Operator.

Plant Operator Steps

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Benefits Package

The City of Cleburne offers a benefits package that includes:

  • Paid holidays and sick time
  • Paid training and licensing
  • Retirement and longevity pay
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental and vision
  • Learn more about benefits here.

Apply for a utilities job here.