Annual Water & Sewer Renewals

  1. 2022 Water & Sewer Renewals

Project Name:  2022 Water & Sewer Renewal Project - Misc Locations

Location:  The locations include portions of Anglin Street, Euclid Street, Turner Street, George Street, Kouns Street, Wilhite Street, Wilson Street and Whitenack Street.  

Engineer Design Firm: Elder Engineering, Inc

Contractor: R & D Burns Brothers, Inc

Project Information: The major work to be performed under this project includes approximately 9500 LF of water reconstruction, 7000 linear feet of sewer reconstruction, and 32,000 square yards of asphalt pavement reconstruction (mill and overlay).  

Justification: To replace and increase the capacity of aging water and sewer infrastructure to improve the distribution and collection system with street rebuild and/or repair.

Upcoming Closures/Detours: TBA

Project Start Date: TBA

Estimate Completion Date: TBA

Estimate Cost:  $5,427,430.00 not to exceed $5,700,000.00

Funding:  Includes Utility and Street Improvement Funds

Status: Awarded

Last Updated:  November 1, 2022

2022 Water Sewer Location Map