Housing Assistance Application

The Housing Assistance application is available at the bottom of this page. Please read the eligibility requirements in full before submitting an application.

Initial Eligibility Process

Applicants will complete a pre-application and be placed on the waiting list. This is a preliminary application and does not guarantee rental assistance; eligibility is determined when the applicant reaches the top of the waiting list.

To apply, applicants must:

  • Be an adult or legally emancipated minor;
  • Meet or exceed CHA's application selection criteria for criminal background check and past participation criteria;
  • Must not have outstanding warrants in any city/state;
  • Is not engaged in any criminal activity that threatens the life, health, safety, or right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises by other residents and not engaged in any drug related activity;
  • Is not subject to a sex offender registration in any state.
The waiting list is in order by the date and time of application; preferences are not given and CHA does not have emergency housing.

Applicants may live anywhere at the time of application; however, they will be required to live in CHA jurisdiction at least 1 year on the program before they are eligible to relocate.  This program does not cover Johnson County; Johnson County does not have a housing authority.

In the event an applicant is found to be ineligible, notification will be sent by mail to the current address on file.  Address changes must be done in writing by the Head of Household; photo identification is required for changes.

CHA will notify applicants by mail when they reach the top of the waiting list.  For that reason, the Head of Household must notify CHA in writing of any change of address; photo identification is required for all changes to the original application.  Failure to respond to CHA notices will result in removal from the waiting list.

Applicants must list household members that will be part of their household on the program.  Household members may consist of a group of persons living together who are related by blood, marriage, adoption, or act of law under the State of Texas (regardless of actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity).  This program is not for a roommate situation.

 When an applicant reaches the top of the waiting list, they will be required to provide:

  • Original certified birth records for all household members (must have a seal or stamp by the official issuing authority); souvenir hospital birth records ARE NOT accepted;
  • Original social security card for all household members;
  • Valid photo identification for all adult household members (18 & older); i.e., state issued drivers' license, stated issued ID, or U.S. Passport;

CHA will make copies of the original documents for file and return the originals to the applicant.  If the applicant is unable to provide the required documents when they reach the top of the waiting list, they will be removed from the waiting list.  

Applicants must not provide false, incomplete, or inaccurate information on their application.  Submission of false, incomplete or inaccurate information will be grounds for denial.  Do not sign the application unless you have read it, understand it and are sure everything is complete and accurate.

Waiting List Openings

Opening and closing of the waiting list will be announced on this web site and by public notice in the local newspaper. CHA will not accept or distribute applications when the waiting list is closed. 

Selection from the Waiting List

When assistance becomes available, applicants will be selected from the waiting list in accordance with HUD regulations and CHA policy.  Applicants will be contacted by mail with instructions on what to do next to complete the eligibility process. It is difficult to estimate the time that it will take for the applicant to reach the top of the waiting list. 


If an applicant is found ineligible (often due to over-income, negative criminal history or non-compliance), they will be notified by mail.

All information provided by applicants must be complete, true and correct. It is a crime to knowingly and willingly make a false statement to obtain rental assistance.

Furthermore, please do not submit multiple applications and please do not apply if you are already receiving housing assistance or listed as a household member of someone who has already applied.

(Please note: the projected wait time for assistance has reached eight years since its reopening on Jan. 16. The application will close on Friday, Jan. 20 at 11:59 p.m.)