No Insurance Affadavit

If you were involved in a crash and the other party did not provide proof of financial responsibility (no insurance) or the party gave you incorrect information (false, expired, etc.), you have the right to file a “No Insurance Complaint Affidavit” with the Cleburne Police Department. 

Steps to Take

  1. Complete the affidavit form here and have it notarized. (Notaries are available at the Police Department.) 

  2. Turn in the completed affidavit to our Records Unit, located at the Police Department (302 W. Henderson Street, Cleburne, TX 76033). The completed affidavit will be assigned to the Traffic Unit for investigation. If valid insurance information is obtained from the other driver, you will be given the policy number and contact information to pursue a claim. 

  3. If we determine that the other driver was operating a vehicle without insurance or other proof of financial responsibility, we will issue a Class C misdemeanor citation to the driver of for that offense. Police Department involvement ends after either course of action is completed. 

  4. You may then contact an attorney and pursue civil damages, or contact the Johnson County Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 located at 226 Featherston Street in Cleburne and file in small claims court for the damages or injury you received in the crash. The Department of Public Safety (DPS) will pursue the request only if it can be proved that the other driver was at fault

View more details about the steps to be taken and complete the affidavit form here.