Garbage & Recycling

Cleburne Solid Waste Service provides an integrated solid waste management system forgarbage trucks collection and disposal or residential trash, household hazardous waste, brush, yard waste, and recyclables in a format that is timely, safe, efficient and environmentally responsible. Specific residential services include:
  • Weekly Automated Trash Pickup - You have a choice of 64- or 96-gallon cart, and the first cart is furnished at no charge. The second cart is furnished for a one-time non-refundable fee of $60. The third (and any additional) care will incur a $60 non-refundable fee per cart and an additional $5 per month fee per cart.
  • Monthly Bulk / Brush Pickup - Please check the bulk/brush map for your zone and pickup dates. No eviction or remodel / construction debris will be collected.
    • Zone 1 is picked up during the week of the first Monday of the month.
    • Zone 2 is picked up during the week of the second Monday of the month.
    • Zone 3 is picked up during the week of the third Monday of the month.
    • Zone 4 is picked up during the week of the fourth Monday of the month.
  • Out-of-Cycle Bulk/Brush Pickup (as needed) - Effective Aug. 14, 2018, the Sanitation Department will now proactively collect out-of-cycle bulk/brush trash it discovers and will apply a $30 collection fee to the resident's utility bill. Those that wish to avoid the charge must remove the bulk trash from the public right-of-way and place it out during the assigned week.
  • Residents can also schedule an out-of-cycle bulk/brush pickup by purchasing an out-of-cycle tag from the utility office. Out-of-cycle tags are $30.
  • Porch Pickup for the Disabled - Please have a physician fill out a Cart Assistance Form, and a site visit will be required.
  • Free Dump - One free dump is allowed per month (limited to 800 pounds) at the Transfer Station with a current City of Cleburne water bill that shows residential trash pick up service. Additional waste will be charged at the rate of $42 a ton for Cleburne residents who have City trash service.
  • Grass and Leaves - Grass and leaves may be disposed of at no charge to Cleburne residents during normal operating hours at the transfer station. trash truckbrush truck
Below are two programs that are centered around providing free television and computer recycling opportunities for consumers: