Utility Billing


Utility Billing provides a variety of services for the residents of Cleburne. The main function of this department is to record, bill, and collect for water, sewer, and sanitation services. We have approximately 10,221 active accounts. The city is divided into five billing zones. Each zone has a different due date. The due date for each zone is a follows:
Zone 1 -- 4th / Zone 2 -- 11th / Zone 3 -- 18th / Zone 4 -- 25th / Zone 5 -- 27th.

Residential Rates

Water Rate
$6.00 per 1000 gallons

Sewer Rate
$3.86per 1000 gallons
Maximum sewer 13,500 gallons

We collect deposits for new residential and commercial customers. We collect both current and delinquent payments, make account adjustments, and issue garage sale permits.