City Secretary

The City Secretary’s Office is a dynamic information center whose services impact a diverse clientele, including the general public, the media, and other governmental entities. 

Although the City Secretary’s Office is traditionally associated with municipal elections and recording council meeting minutes, its scope of business also includes the following:

  • Supporting council during City Council meetings (audio-video recording the meetings, registering citizens to speak, and preparing minutes of the meeting)
  • Retaining and distributing official council documents
  • Preparing citizen recognitions and honorary documents
  • Coordinating appointments to city boards and commissions
  • Maintaining official public records
  • Consulting and training city departments on records management systems, policies, standards, and guidelines 
  • Inventorying, transferring, storing, retrieving, and retaining records from city departments according to state law
  • Preparing charitable solicitation permits
  • Distributing codified updates to the City Code of Ordinances
  • Accepting official sealed bids and proposals for city projects
  • Certifying applications and issuing local sales permits for TABC licensed businesses

Goals of the Secretary

The advance of the Information Age and Cleburne's growing prominence in the technology industry has challenged the department to find more efficient and innovative ways to manage its services, utilizing the latest information management tools and principles. The staff combines professionalism and skills to deliver on the following goals:

  • Utilize management practices and stay abreast of the latest laws and the newest technology to ensure the integrity of the records and history of our local government
  • Prepare, safeguard, and make accessible all public records and documents of the city as required by the City Charter and the laws of the State of Texas
  • Manage all city elections in a professional and legal manner according to the City Charter and the Election Code of the State of Texas
  • Implement a professional Records Management Program as required by the City Code and the laws of the State of Texas
  • Perform all duties assigned by the City Manager and work with the City Council, all city departments, and serve the citizens of Cleburne in all assigned areas.