How to Appear Before Council

Appearance Procedures

The City Council invites citizens to address the Council on any topic. Citizens wishing to speak should complete a Registration Card and present it to the City Secretary before the meeting begins. Each speaker must come to the podium, sign the Register Sheet and identify themselves for Council records.

Speakers are allowed 5 minutes and may speak on posted agenda items either during the item’s consideration or under Citizens Comments. Should you wish to comment on a matter not posted, you may do so during Citizens Comments. Speakers who address the Council through a translator will be given at least twice the allotted time.

In accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act, the City Council cannot discuss or take action on an unposted item. However, the Mayor may request the City Manager to provide additional information at a future meeting on a matter of general interest to the full City Council, the public at large and to the citizen making the comment. Issues may be referred to City Staff for research and possible future action.

Demeaning any individual or group, including insulting the honesty and/or integrity of the Council; profane, insulting or threatening language, racial, ethnic or gender slurs will not be tolerated. Violation of these rules may result in cancellation of time, removal from the Chambers, a contempt citation, and/or such other sanctions as may be authorized by law.

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