As a volunteer with the City of Cleburne, you will have an opportunity to put your knowledge, skills, talent, and energy toward improving the quality of life in your community. In addition, you will benefit by gaining a greater understanding and appreciation for how the City of Cleburne operates and be instrumental in strengthening our community’s bond.

Volunteer Opportunities

Give the time you feel is right—this is a flexible program! The City of Cleburne has a variety of opportunities ranging from a couple of hours to long-term assignments in the following departments: Animal Services, Library, Layland Museum, Parks and Recreation, Golf Course, Environmental Health, and our Senior Center. Our program is dedicated to citizen involvement and we are always looking for new ideas.

Please fill out the Volunteer Application to get started.

More Information

For more information, please contact Risk and Training Manager Brooke Clifton at 817-645-0916.