Animal Shelter Donation

Cleburne Animal Services offers comfort items to every pet housed in the shelter. Being in the shelter can be a bit stressful and we strive to make their time here as pleasant as possible.

The shelter welcomes the following tax deductible donations:


  • Small blankets (large ones and comforters are too big for our washer)
  • Kurunda Pet Beds and Pads
  • Clean Towels and Washcloths (may be used)


  • Bleach
  • Dawn Dish Soap (Antibacterial preferred)
  • OdoBan Concentrate (Home Depot or Lowe's) 
  • Flea/Tick Shampoo and Spray
  • Laundry Detergent (any brand/type)


  • Dog and cat brushes
  • Pet carriers or crates
  • Durable Pet Toys (please, no stuffed animals)
  • Stainless steel pet food bowls
  • Cat litter - Non Clumping

Pet Food 

  • 4Health/Purina One (or similar) dry dog  food and wet food (Pate' Style)
  • Purina One or 4Health (or similar) dry cat food and wet food (Pate' Style)
  • Dog treats and cat treats

(Items in bold are the most needed.)

Want to donate but don't have time to shop and drop off items at the Shelter? Check out our Amazon Wish List!

The Happy Tails Fund

4a81f214-7bad-48ad-950b-b999f5136f3dMonetary donations are put into a fund called "The Happy Tails Fund". This fund was created to help pets that come in very sick or injured. The shelter does not have a Veterinarian on staff but we do work with local Veterinarians to make sure our pets are cared for and healthy. When a medical need arises that is beyond what our budget allows, we use money from this fund to treat the animal. This allows us to save the lives of many sick or injured animals that come into the shelter. All donations to the Shelter are tax deductible.

Please call or email the shelter for more information about making a donation to The Happy Tails Fund today! 

Mobile Adoption Trailer Fundraising

Cleburne Animal Services is doing something exciting for our pets! We are raising funds to purchase a mobile adoption trailer so that we can save even more lives through adoptions.

Our shelter is “Open Intake” which means we take in any and all animals (stray, unwanted, abandoned, etc.) from the city of Cleburne. Thousands of animals come into our care every year. We can’t refuse any animal coming in from the city of Cleburne but we CAN do everything possible to find them loving homes.

We have a very successful adoption program and we work very hard to make sure our adoptable pets are placed in loving, forever homes or with reputable rescues. We would like to do more but we need your help! An adoption trailer would allow us to save hundreds more animals every year by allowing us to take our adoptable pets out into the public on a regular basis. This would also allow us to hold more public education events and help provide transport of animals in the event of a disaster such as a flood or tornado.

What is a mobile adoption trailer? A mobile adoption trailer is a bumper pull trailer that can be hooked up to one of our trucks any time we would like. The trailer is fully equipped with kennels, storage, AC/Heat, and even a small “exam” area where microchipping can be done. There are some great examples in the pictures below.

Right now, we are using wire crates on the ground when we have adoption events. To do a large event, we have to borrow a truck from our fleet department to transport all of the crates and other equipment, and load all of our animal control trucks with the pets. This requires all staff and is less than efficient. The crates are also out in the elements during events and we all know how unpredictable Texas weather can be. This process limits our ability to hold events throughout the year and greatly limits the number of pets we can bring to an event.  An adoption trailer would allow us the freedom to hold events wherever and whenever we want. The trailer can be mobilized, set-up, and operated by one person and can hold anywhere from 10 – 20 animals.  

Our fundraising goal is $35,000 but we would greatly appreciate any donation you can make. All donors will be recognized on our social media pages and website. Donors that contribute $5000 or more will be recognized as a sponsor on our social media pages, website, and on our “donor wall” at the shelter. Those donors will also be honored with a “plaque” featured on the outside of our mobile adoption trailer. This is great advertising and shows you care about the pets and your community. Donors that elect to sponsor the entire cost of the trailer will be recognized on all media sites and will have their logo cover the entire rear section of the trailer.  This rolling billboard is excellent advertising for your business. We will also provide a donation receipt letter so that you can claim your tax deduction. Please donate today so that we can make this dream a reality and save even more lives.

Donations are accepted by mail in the form of a check to the PO Box listed below or in person at the shelter via cash, check, or credit card.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact the Animal Shelter.

On behalf of the pets and staff of Cleburne Animal Services, thank you for your consideration.

Cleburne Animal Services - P.O. Box 677 - Cleburne, TX 76033