Public Works

The Public Works Department supports, coordinates and assists the 10 operating departments within the Public Works Division in their efforts to attain and maintain an acceptable level of service to the community.

This includes
  • Ensure Streets, Storm Drainage systems, Water and Sewer Systems, and Solid Waste Facilities are designed and constructed to operate and function properly, safely, and efficiently.
  • Manage and control the impact of Gas Drilling operations around industrial, commercial, and residential areas.
The Public Works Division also provides the necessary services of Street MaintenanceEngineering support services for city operations, Storm Water Drainage, Re-use Water Facilities, Right-of-Way PermittingBackflow Prevention and Cross-connection Control and Gas and Oil Well Administration.  


The Public Works Division has the responsibility to provide essential services to the entire community that is utilized every day by every citizen. This includes producing and distributing a safe drinking water supply; ensuring that all backflow prevention assembly devices are tested annually to protect the City's potable water from cross contamination; collecting and safely treating the generated wastewater; and collecting and safely disposing of all the solid waste generated by the citizens, and businesses of Cleburne according to state/federal regulations.  Traffic Count Programs, street infrastructure and maintenance of City streets also falls within the scope of Public Works.  

Traffic Count Program

The traffic count program is important for Cleburne as it allows the Public Works division to assess the amount of traffic on a road, the speeds of traffic, and trends of traffic on a road. This data can help provide important information on whether road infrastructure, or speed limits, will need to be reassessed to keep up with trends. This program also allows developers to view traffic trends on busier roads and can impact their decision on where to develop to attract the most customers. Traffic Report 2021
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