Water / Sewer Utilities

The Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection Departments are responsible for the operation and maintenance of over 500 miles of water and sewer lines within the city. They maintain all valves, manholes and, over 1,300 fire hydrants. This department is also responsible for the maintenance of the 31-mile Barkman Pipeline which delivers raw water from Lake Aquilla to Cleburne.

These crews repair leaks on city water mains and sewer mains, as well as on city service lines from the street to behind the curb. Water, sprinkler, and sewer taps are installed for connection to city mains. All personnel in these departments are on a 24-hour-a-day standby status.

To Report a Water or Sewer Problem:    
During Regular Business Hours Monday - Friday - 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, the City of Cleburne uses SeeClickFix for many of it's citizen requests, or you may also call 
(817) 645-0946 to report a Water or Sewer problem.

To Report a Water or Sewer Emergency After Hours call (817) 645-0972.