We are always seeking new landlords to participate in our program. Before a Cleburne Housing Participant is allowed to move into a unit, the landlord must complete the required paperwork with our housing agency and provide ownership documentation. CHA will then inspect the unit.

Cleburne Housing offers a FREE unit listing service for landlords to advertise their vacancies. Please contact Cleburne Housing Agency at 817-645-0937 for more information.

Eligible participants are issued a voucher based on their income, and CHA pays a portion of their rent directly to the landlord. Landlords receive the same rental rates charged for similar units as long as it's the going rate in the area. Landlords will also charge the same security deposit and late fees that they charge other tenants.

Landlords are responsible for enforcing their lease.

Landlord Advantages in the HCV Program

  • Guaranteed Rent Payments - we guarantee we will pay our portion of the rent every month directly to the landlord; tenant's portion is based on their income and they are more likely to pay their portion of rent on time;
  • Free Advertising - we will advertise your units free of charge to applicant/participants who are looking for a place to live;
  • Choose Your Own Tenant - Select and screen your tenant the same way you select any other tenant on the open market;
  • Free Inspections - we will conduct a minimum of one inspection per year; we will check for safety hazards and notify you of any repairs;
  • CHA enforces the participant program obligations;
  • A large available pool of potential renters;
  • A perceived higher quality of renters since they can be permanently removed from the program for damages or failure to pay rent;

CHA is committed to improving procedures to ensure that participating in the program is a positive experience for landlords.

Fair Market Rents (FMR's) and Income Limits are set annually by HUD. CHA reviews Payment Standards and Utility Allowances annually and makes adjustments as necessary.

Request to Increase Rent

After the initial lease term (12 months), requests to increase rent must be submitted in writing to CHA for approval with a 60 day written notice. Based on HUD requirements, CHA will review the proposed request and determine if an adjustment can be approved. If the proposed rent adjustment does not meet rent reasonableness standards, it may be denied. Approved rents must be reasonable in comparison to rents of other comparable unassisted units in the market area.

Landlord Lease

Landlords are encouraged to use the standard lease form for the State of Texas.  

Rental Payment to Landlords

Regular monthly rent payments are mailed out on the first business day of the month. Payments are only processed on the 1st and 16th of the month, therefore pro-rated amounts (for new participants) may be mailed on the 16th of the month. Landlords are responsible for notifying CHA of a change of address or ownership.