Court Appearances


Entering an Appearance

After receiving a citation, you have 10 business days (15 calendar days) to enter an appearance with the Municipal Court of Record in writing or in person. A telephone call does not constitute an appearance in the court.

Please Be Advised

Failure to handle your citation in a timely manner may result in issuance of a warrant, denial of your driver's license and submission of your case(s) to the attorney firm McCreary, Veselka, Bragg, & Allen for collection, in which additional fees will be added.

Please be aware that you are subject to arrest by any agency that confirms an active warrant for your arrest.

Scheduled Court Hearings

The Cleburne Municipal Court of Record schedules all court sessions. You must be appear in person to be scheduled for a court date and time in order to be seen. Rescheduling will not be granted on the same day you are scheduled for court, unless you post a cash bond to guarantee your appearance on the new court date. The Court requires a 72 hour written notice, (Motion of Continuance) that must be approved by the Judge of the Court in order to be rescheduled without a cash bond. Please include with your written Motion, any documentation to support and validate your request.

If you have any questions, please contact the Cleburne Municipal Court of Record at (817) 645-0925.