Court Appearances

Appearance In Person

After receiving a citation, you have 10 business days (15 calendar days) to enter an appearance with the Municipal Court of Record in writing or in person.  A telephone call does not constitute an appearance in the court.

If you were released on bond, your hearing date will be mailed to the address you provided at the time of arrest.  

You or your attorney may appear in person in open court or by mail.  Your first appearance is to determine your plea.

Appearance By Mail

Appearance by mail is considered timely if the document is postmarked on or before the appearance date, properly addressed to the Municipal Court:

Cleburne Municipal Court
303 W. Henderson St. 
Cleburne, TX  76033

If you plead not guilty, a pre-trial hearing will be scheduled for you & mailed to the address provided.  If you do not receive notice of your pretrial hearing within two weeks after mailing your plea & request for a court date, please contact the court.

Juvenile Appearance

Persons 16 years of age or younger MUST appear in person with a parent or legal guardian in open court.  Please contact our office for more information.   This is a state mandated law and payment cannot be accepted prior to the court date.  

Please be advised of address notification:
Pursuant to Texas law, Article 45.057(j), Code of Criminal Procedure, you are being provided written notice of the following: (1) a child and parent are required to appear before the Court and have an obligation to provide the Court in writing with the current address and residence of the child; (2) the obligation does not end when the child reaches the age of 17; (3) on or before the seventh day after the date the child or parent changes residence (any place where the child lives or resides for a period of at least 30 days), the child or parent shall notify the Court of the current address in manner directed by the Court; (4) failure to provide notice is a Class C misdemeanor and may result in arrest; (5) the obligation to provide notice terminates on discharge and satisfaction of the judgment or final disposition not requiring a finding or guilt.

Minor Alcohol and Tobacco Offenses

Minors under age 21 charged with an Alcohol offense must appear in open court before the Judge.  Minors under 18 charged with a Tobacco offense must appear in open court before the Judge.  A parent or guardian is required to appear with any minor under the age of 18.

Please Be Advised

Failure to handle your citation in a timely manner or failure to appear may result in issuance of a warrant, denial of your driver's license and submission of your case(s) to the attorney firm McCreary, Veselka, Bragg, & Allen for collection, in which additional fees will be added.

Please be aware that you are subject to arrest by any agency that confirms an active warrant for your arrest.

Scheduled Court Hearings

The Cleburne Municipal Court of Record schedules all court hearings. To request a court date, you will be required to complete and sign a Promise to Appear or Notice of Hearing form.  We do not schedule court dates via phone. Rescheduling will not be granted on the same day you are scheduled for court.  The Court requires a 72-hour written notice (Motion of Continuance) that must be approved by the Judge of the Court in order to be rescheduled without a cash bond.  Please include documentation to support and validate your request along with contact information with your motion.  

If the weather is inclement, please check the City of Cleburne home page or Facebook for any changes to our hours of operation or cancellations.


For questions or more information about court appearances, please contact the Cleburne Municipal Court of Record at 817-645-0925.