Early Voting

Early Voting Options

If you are eligible to vote on election day, you are eligible to vote during the early voting period.  The lines are shorter and the days and hours are more convenient.  Early voting is open to all registered voters, no excuse necessary.

By Personal Appearance
Early voting by personal appearance is being conducted at the following locations and times:


 OCTOBER 19 - 30, 2020

EARLY VOTING Extended Hours:

  Dates and Times to be determined 
  Locations of Early Voting by personal appearance are to be determined

 By Mail 
Mail Ballot Option

Applications for ballot by mail may be submitted after January 1st of each year and, if you check the box for "ANNUAL APPLICATION", it will be good for any election you are eligible for in your jurisdiction. So if you submitted an annual application for the Primary Election, you will automatically receive a mail ballot for the City and School election. 
All currently registered voters are eligible to request and receive a mail ballot if any of the following conditions prevent them from voting in person during the early voting period or on Election Day:

  1. Expected absence from the County during both the early voting period and on election day. (The ballot must be mailed to an address outside the county.)
  2. Disability
  3. 65 years of age or older
  4. Confinement in jail and not finally convicted of a felony
The request must state the address at which you are registered to vote, one of the above conditions for requesting a ballot, the address to which you want the ballot mailed and your signature.  If the ballot is not to be mailed outside the County and not to the address at which you are registered, you must give explanation as to the address such as nursing home, hospital, etc.

The deadline for submitting an application in person to the Early Voting Clerk (City of Cleburne City Secretary) is no later than the close of business on October 16, 2020. Applications may be submitted via email at vote@johnsoncountytx.org, via fax 817-556-6048, or via US mail at P.O. Box 895, Cleburne TX 76033 by October 23, 2020.

Click to download Application for Ballot by Mail (pdf)
Click to download Application for Ballot by Mail (Spanish pdf)
Special Conditions 
Special conditions are available for persons who become hospitalized or suffer a death in the family after the close of regular application deadline.  Specific guidelines must be met to be eligible.  For information, please contact the City Secretary's office.