Reserve Officers

The Cleburne Police Reserve Force was established by City Council in 2013. Reserves are state certified peace officers authorized by Texas Local Government Code 341.012 who serve without pay and volunteer to assist the regular police officers in times of disaster or emergencies. Reserves have the same authority and responsibility as regular police officers.

Reserves supplement regular police officers to provide cost-effective professional law enforcement and crime prevention for the citizens of Cleburne. Reserves may serve in many capacities within the police department, but their primary function is to provide auxiliary staffing to Patrol.

Depending on their level of training and experience, Reserves may be assigned to work with a regular police officer, another Reserve, or function in a solo status. Reserves are expected to complete a minimum of 16 volunteer hours per month, special events and call outs.


We are always looking for great retired/former officers who still have a passion for service. The Cleburne Police Department is seeking qualified applicants who meet the high standards necessary to become a Cleburne Police Reserve Officer.

Applicants must possess and maintain a valid Texas Peace Officer License (or successful completion of the licensing exam and eligibility for licensing).

Selection of eligible applicants to serve as Reserve Police Officers is subject to state and local rules (city policy) for appointment of peace officers. Causes for disqualification are the same as for regular police officers. However, age limitations, as provided under Texas Local Government Code 143.023(c), do not apply to Reserve applicants. Reserve Police Officers appointed under Chapter 341, Texas Local Government Code, are not entitled to civil service status under Chapter 143.

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About the Commander

Deputy Chief Ashleigh Green is the commander of the Cleburne Police Reserve Force. She began her career with the Cleburne Police Department in April 2018. She served as a public information officer, field training officer, acting supervisor, and became Cleburne's first female SWAT operator. In September 2022, she transferred to the Reserve Force and served as a squad leader. She was promoted to reserve deputy chief in August 2023.

Ashley has a Bachelor of Science degree from Tarleton State University and is currently obtaining a Masters in Leadership with an emphasis on Homeland Security and Emergency Management. She holds an intermediate peace officer certification from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.