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Cleburne Animal Services (CAS) has recently seen an increase of distemper symptoms in raccoons within the city of Cleburne. Canine Distemper cannot be spread to humans or felines, but residents should be aware that distemper is easily spread from raccoons to ferrets and dogs through the environment and airborne exposure. Canine Distemper is a virus with a high mortality rate that affects both the respiratory and nervous systems of dogs, ferrets, and raccoons.

Unvaccinated dogs are most at risk for catching the distemper virus. There is no cure for distemper, but it is preventable through the distemper/parvovirus vaccination. Any veterinarian can administer distemper vaccinations. Low-cost vaccinations are available at many local weekend clinics and through our partners at Texas Coalition for Animal Protection (TCAP) in Burleson. Dogs should be vaccinated yearly (or every 3 years depending on which vaccination is administered) for rabies and distemper.

Residents should avoid attracting raccoons into their yard by ensuring that trash bags and cans are closed and by removing dog and cat food and water bowls from outside areas. When on walks with dogs, owners should keep an eye out for wildlife and prevent their dogs from using community bowls that could be contaminated.

Raccoons with distemper often exhibit symptoms similar to rabies including lethargy, disorientation, shortness of breath, crusted eyes or nose, vomiting, seizures, neurological symptoms, erratic behavior, lack of fear, and possible aggression. If a raccoon is exhibiting any of these symptoms, rabies should always be suspected as raccoons are one of the top 5 carriers of rabies.

If residents see a raccoon they suspect to be ill, they should quickly bring pets and children indoors, keep a safe distance from the animal, and call 817-645-0972 so that an Animal Control Officer can be dispatched to remove the animal. Residents should NEVER attempt to handle or capture the animal.

For additional information, please feel free to contact:

Cleburne Animal Services at 817-556-8895 or via email to

Introducing our Pet of the Week...

Meet Homer!!!

Meet Homer! This super sweet boy is a 2-3 year old Miniature Pinscher mix. Homer is friendly, quiet, and mild mannered. This little fella is also Heartworm positive. Cleburne Animal Services will provide heartworm treatment and prevention but he will need an owner that is willing to take him to a few follow up appointments and stay on top of his care. Once heartworm treatment is complete, Homer will be able to live a normal, happy life. Come and meet this great pup today! If you can’t adopt but would like to help us provide heartworm treatment by donating to the Happy Tails Fund, please call us at 817-556-8895.

Adoption fee is $25 and includes spay or neuter, all vaccinations, microchip, 30 days of flea/tick, 30 days of heartworm prevention, and 30 days of pet health insurance. All pets at CAS require an adoption application. You can come in to the shelter to fill out an app or you can find one HERE.

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Cleburne Animal Services has been made aware that a large number of vultures have taken up residence in the Westhill/Prairie and N Buffalo/N Wood area.

Animal Services will carry out vulture abatement in these areas early next week. Abatement includes non-lethal harassment of the birds using pyrotechnics. We will be in the area between 5:00pm – 7:30pm, every night, for about a week to ten days. We will post on our website and social media sites when we have definitive dates. The process usually takes about one week for the birds to completely leave the area. Please be aware that during this time, there will be loud noises that are similar to fireworks. Be sure your pets are securely indoors as this type of noise tends to scare animals.
The vultures are exhibiting NORMAL roosting behavior but can pose a health hazard and are a nuisance.
For more information, please contact Animal Services at 817-556-8895 or Texas Widlife Services at 817-978-3146. Here is a link to more information about Vultures and Vulture Damage Management.…/species-information-…/birds/vultures/ 

Effective November 2nd, 2019 - Saturday shelter hours are changing!

On Saturdays, the shelter will be open to visitors by appointment only between the hours of 12pm - 4pm. We realize this may be an inconvenience but this is for the safety and security of the pets and shelter staff. Cleburne Animal Services will still have an ACO available for field services on Saturdays and citizens with stray pets or those looking for a lost pet may still come to the shelter without an appointment. Please be aware that the shelter may be closed during these times for off-site adoption events so it is always advised to call ahead. Please check our Facebook page for important updates, closures, events, and other information. As always, pets that are available for adoption can be viewed on our Adoptions page 24/7. Owners looking for lost pets can check our Lost Pets page 24/7 as well. These pages are updated in real time and have the most current animal information available. Thank you for your understanding!

Thank you to the following businesses and individuals for your donation to our mobile adoption trailer fund:

Cleburne Dental Care

Theresa Whisenhunt

Elizabeth Specht

We truly appreciate your support! Check out our donor page - coming soon!

Upcoming Events for 2019

Come visit us  for one of our adoption events or educational activities!

  • Low Cost Spay Neuter Transport - Every other Tuesday of every month. Drop off at 7 a.m. at Cleburne Animal Shelter. Call Spay Neuter Network (972-472-3500) or visit their website to make an appointment -
  • Low Cost Spay/Neuter Transport - Jan. 22nd, Apr. 23rd, July 23rd, Oct. 22nd. 8 a.m. drop off at CAS. Call TCAP to make an appointment. 940-566-5551
  • Low Cost Vaccine Clinic - Feb. 23rd, Apr. 20th, May 4th, July 20th, Sept. 14th, Oct. 19th, Nov. 16th - 10am - 12pm at Cleburne Animal Shelter, 2375 Service Dr. NO APPT NEEDED! Pets must be in carriers or on a secure leash. No retractable leashes please.
  • Adoption Event - Feb. 16th, 2020 from 10am - 2pm at Tractor Supply, 1615A W Henderson, Cleburne, TX 76033
  • Adoption Event - Mar. 14th, 2020 from 9am - 4pm, Mansfield Pickle Parade, Mansfield, TX
  • Adoption Event - TBA
  • Advisory Board Meeting - TBA
  • Adoption Event - CLEAR the SHELTER 2020 - TBA