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  • Animal Control Officers are on duty between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. for regular calls for service and after hours for emergency calls only.
  • If you have an animal-related emergency at any time, 24 hours a day, please call 817-645-0972.
    • What is an emergency/high priority call? 
      • Animal Bite Complaints, Loose aggressive animal or dangerous animal (this means an animal that is displaying aggressive behavior, such as: growling or showing teeth; advancing, lunging, or charging while growling and/or barking with hackles raised; chasing or attempting to bite; raised hackles, tail tucked or "flagging" with ears back or alert.)
      • Do not attempt to pet, chase, catch, or run from an animal that is displaying these behaviors. Back away slowly to safety. DO NOT RUN AWAY. DO NOT SCREAM. Avoid eye contact.
      • Here are some links for information on dog bite prevention and safety. There are MANY articles on the internet about dog safety and bite prevention.
  • Non-Emergency calls, requests for service, or incidents should still be reported to CAS. You can do so by calling 817-556-8895. Please leave a message if no one is available to answer your call. You can also email your concern to [email protected].
  • Our trap loan program is currently suspended due to lack of available equipment. We will still service owned traps. For guidelines and trapping rules, please click HERE
  • Barking dog and other nuisance complaints will be handled via telephone and email as much as possible. 
  • Non-Emergency owner surrenders are accepted on a case by case basis and by appointment only. Please email Landra Hale at [email protected] to discuss owner surrender needs and availability.
    • Pet owners that need to rehome their pet may consider using a third party service such as Rehome
    • Walk-In owner surrenders will not be accepted unless it is an emergency situation that requires immediate surrender.
    • Cleburne Animal Services does NOT accept owner surrenders or strays from outside the corporate city limits of Cleburne. For information on where to take an animal from outside the city, please click HERE

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Upcoming Events

Come visit us  for one of our adoption events or educational activities!

  • Spay Neuter Network - Please call 972-472-3500 or visit Spay Neuter Network for information, pricing, and to book an appointment. Appointments are required. Transport drop off is 7 a.m. Pick-up is at 4 p.m. Dogs must be on a leash and cats must be in a hard-sided carrier. Cleburne residency not required. $20 deposit due at time of reservation. Age limit is 12 weeks - 7 years. Weight limit is 2 pounds - 100 pounds. Spots for large/x-large pets is limited so book early! Please do not feed pets after 10 p.m. the night before.
  • Low-Cost Vaccine Clinic 2023 - Feb. 18, May 6, Sept. 2, and Nov. 18. Vaccination clinics are held at Cleburne Animal Shelter, 2375 Service Dr. NO APPT NEEDED! Pets must be in carriers or on a secure leash. No retractable leashes please.
  • TCAP Low Cost Spay/Neuter Transport - Quarterly ( January, April, July, and October). Schedule your pet for low cost spay or neuter at TCAP's mobile transport. Call now and book your appointment. Age limit is 10 weeks - 5 years. Weight is 2 - 30#. All pets must be in hard sided carriers, $20 per pet deposit is due at time of booking. This fee will be used toward services. Please do not feed your pet after 10pm the night before. Please call 940-566-5551 to schedule or for more information! Cleburne residency not required.

Thank you to the following businesses and individuals for your donation to our mobile adoption trailer fund:

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