Utility Consumption

The passage of HB 3693 by the 80th Texas Legislature was intended to provide additional provisions for energy efficiency in Texas.  Adopted with an effective date of September 1, 2007, HB 3693 was an additional mechanism by which the state could encourage energy efficiency through various means for the various governmental entities.

The following information for the City of Cleburne is posted in compliance with the requirements of House Bill (HB) 3693, Texas Government Code § 2265, requiring all governmental entities, including municipalities, to publish annual consumption and payment information for utility services used by the city.  Annual updates will be compiled and posted as soon as practicable after January 1.

The total cost of natural gas, electricity and water purchased by the City in the calendar year 2023 is $1,632,283.91. A breakdown of the consumption is below.

Natural Gas

The City of Cleburne purchases natural gas from Atmos Energy. In calendar year 2023, the City purchased a total of 61,996 cubic feet (MCF) of natural gas.


The City purchases electricity from Reliant Energy/NRG, Hilco Electric and United Cooperative. In calendar year 2023, the City used a total of 13,668,368 kilowatt hours.


The City uses water from the City's Water Utility. In calendar year 2023, the City used a total of 15,196,388 gallons of water treated by the City.