Living Here

  1. Animal Services

    Adopt an animal, obtain a free spay or neuter operation, submit a donation, or participate in volunteering.

  2. Cemeteries

    Discover the cemeteries in Cleburne.

  3. Code Enforcement

    Stay up to date on code enforcement efforts.

  4. Community Powered Revitalization Program

  5. Emergency Management

    The Cleburne Fire Departments Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is charged with coordinating the city's Emergency Management program.

  6. Environmental Health

    Learn about local environmental health and food safety.

  7. Fire Services

    Find out how the Fire Department serves the community by providing the highest quality emergency services, disaster preparedness, fire prevention, health care, and public safety education.

  8. Garbage & Recycling

    Learn how to properly dispose of your household waste.

  9. Housing Assistance

    Apply for regional housing assistance.

  10. Police

  11. Public Works

    Learn about the Public Works Department.

  12. Report a Code Violation

    Report a code violation to the city.

  13. Report a Street Light Outage

    Report a street light outage to the city.

  14. Utility Billing

    Pay your utility bills.