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Public Right-of-Way Construction Permit Application


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  • Project Information

    1. The undersigned hereby makes application for a permit covering the work at: (please enter nearest address below)

    2. Through the Applicant acting as an agent, the public service provider shall perform all work in public right-of-way/public easements in accordance with City ordinances, specifications, and standards as they apply to such work. No change shall be made to the plans under this permit without prior written approval from the Engineering Department.

    3. Is lane closure required for proposed work*

      If yes, the contractor shall submit to the Engineering Department (817/645-0931) a site specific traffic control plan. Approval must be obtained prior to lane closure.

    4. Video / Photographs provided. *

    5. Contractor must obtain locates prior to construction.

    6. Contractor shall call Bob Warren @ 817-556-8835 at least 48 hours prior to beginning construction.