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Market Square Vendor Application

  1. Market Square Vendor Application Form
    Complete this form and submit via the web. A staff member will contact you to confirm your reservation and issue your permit.
  2. Submission of this form does not constitute a vendor lease agreement or permission to use Market Square facilities. A staff member will contact applicants via phone or email to issue a final permit.
  3. Permitted Vendors
    Agricultural and Artisan Vendors are allowed to operate Sunday through Saturday from 6am to 8pm. Vendors may arrive at 5am to set up and stay until 9pm to break down and vacate Market Square. Agricultural vendors may be required to close down and vacate Market Square earlier if requested by the City, for a reserved special event in conjunction with an approved special event permit. As much advance notice will be given to these vendors of any scheduled special event. Food and Ware Vendors are allowed only during a special event in conjunction with an approved special event permit.
  4. Artisans must attach a picture and a description of all goods being sold.
  6. Permits and Fees
    All vendors are required to reserve a Lease Space from the City of Cleburne prior to setting up their booth. Reservations may be made at the approved permit office Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm or online at the City of Cleburne Website. All vendors will be required to enter into a Market Square Lease Space Agreement with the City at the time of reservation. All lease space fees must be paid at the time of making the reservation.
  7. Vendor Agreement
    By signing, you agree that you have received, read and understand all listed vendor and facility rules. Further, your signature attests that all information contained in the lease application is true and requested on your behalf. Your signature also confirms that as a vendor you are solely responsible for attaining all applicable health permits listed in the document prior to selling agricultural products to the public. Failure to abide by all ordinance requirements may result in loss of future usage rights. vendors shall indemnify and hold the City of Cleburne harmless from any and all loss or cost of damages.
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