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Forms Abandoned Property
Forms Additional Trash Cart
Forms Animal at Large
Forms Animal Trap
Forms Barking Dog
Forms Bulk Trash/Tree Limbs Not Picked Up
Forms CLOSED/DO NOT USE - Utility Cuts (Street)
Forms CLOSED/DO NOT USE/FOR UTILITY BILLING Temporary (Hydrant) Meters
Forms Comments
Forms Cruelty to Animals
Forms Deceased Animal
Forms Deteriorated Structures (Fences, sheds, et cetera)
Forms Drainage Ditch/Inlet Clogged
Forms Fire Hydrant Leaking/Damaged
Forms FOR CITY USE ONLY - Demolition(s) per FD/CE
Forms Grafitti
Forms High Grass/Weeds
Forms Illegal Dumping
Forms Illegal Signs
Forms Improper Disposal of Yard Waste
Forms Inoperable Vehicle
Forms Lost or Found Animal
Forms Manhole Cover Removed/Missing
Forms Manhole Overflow
Forms Manhole Repair/Cleaning
Forms Meter Checks - UB
Forms Meter Leaks & Repairs
Forms Meter Testing
Forms Miscellaneous
Forms Miscellaneous
Forms Miscellaneous
Forms Miscellaneous
Forms No Water
Forms Nuisance Animal
Forms Out of Cycle Bulk Pick-up ($30.00 Fee must be pre-paid at Utility Billing, 418 W Henderson)
Forms Questions
Forms Quote
Forms Report a Pothole
Forms Report Tree/Tree Limbs in Street
Forms Request Street Sweeper
Forms Sewer - Lift Station Issues & Concerns
Forms Sewer - Smoke Test
Forms Sewer Back-up
Forms Sewer Camera
Forms Sewer Odor
Forms Sewer Repair
Forms Sign Up for CAP Program (Porch pick-up with Physician's authorization)
Forms Street Repair (and Alley)
Forms Street Sign Missing
Forms Street Sign Not Visable
Forms Taps and/or Ties (Water & Sewer) - Taps/Ties must be paid for in person at City Hall.
Forms Traffic Signal Malfunction
Forms Trash Was Not Picked Up
Forms Utility Cuts - City Use Only
Forms View Obstructions
Forms Water - Off/On
Forms Water Leak
Forms Water Pressure
Forms Water Quality (Taste, Odor, Color)
Forms Water Restriction Violation
Forms WTP - Construction/Water Tests per Contractors