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1. Where do I report a water leak after hours or on weekends?
2. Where do I get my drivers license? Vehicle registration?
3. Where is the Cleburne Post Office?
4. Where do I get my dog licensed with the city?
5. What is the address and phone number of Cleburne Animal Services?
6. Where do I pay a Cleburne traffic ticket?
7. Where is the local Chamber of Commerce?
8. What number do I call regarding property tax exemptions?
9. Where do I pay my property taxes?
10. What is the contact information for the Department of Human Services?
11. What is the contact information for the Public Health Department?
12. What are the telephone companies that service Cleburne?
13. What are the electric and gas companies that service Cleburne?
14. What are the local cable providers?
15. Where do I get a DBA (Doing Business As)?
16. Where do I get a marriage license?
17. Where do I get a copy of a birth or death certificate?
18. Where is the local landfill for Cleburne?
19. Where can I dispose of hazardous waste?
20. What is the phone number for the waste management company?