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School Resource Officers
The School Resource Officer (SRO) Program is a cooperative effort between the Cleburne Police Department and the Cleburne Independent School District (CISD). The police department assigned three officers to work in the schools.

The presence of the SRO on campus provides for a faster police response to incidents requiring police involvement, such as emergencies, criminal investigations, and arrests, when necessary. When such incidents occur, the SRO will also be better prepared to deal with them based on his or her familiarity with the school community and its daily operations. These officers have been crucial to the success of several investigations involving juvenile-related crimes during the past year.

Officer Duties

The SROs have several duties at their schools, but their primary objectives are to protect the school, staff, and students; prevent drug and alcohol abuse; and to prevent juvenile delinquency through close contact with students and school personnel.

The SROs investigate delinquent acts within the school system and crimes within the community that are school related. This close interaction with students helps to create more positive attitudes towards police officers in general. The SROs are also responsible for improving the image of the uniformed law enforcement officer in the eyes of the students and community. The aim is to provide a positive law enforcement influence that provides a safe and secure learning environment for students and teachers, encourages relationships between officers, school administrators, teachers and students, and fosters education.

Special Training

All the officers in the SRO program are volunteers because of their love of children and their desire to make a real difference. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders and the officers understand they can make a difference in the students’ lives. The SRO provides a positive role model for students. The SROs must attend and successfully complete a variety of specialized training courses to be accepted into the SRO program. They attend many school functions that occur on and off their school campuses. When school is not in session, they are utilized in other areas of the department.