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Residential Trash and Bulk Pickup
Residential Trash Pickup
The City of Cleburne uses automated collection trucks and specific garbage carts, which are provided, to serve citizens. To determine when your garbage pickup day is each week, see the map provided. To order an additional cart, get pricing for bulk pickup outside your scheduled week, or for more information, contact the Sanitation Department at 817-641-2236.

Things To Dotrash cart

  • Use only city approved carts
  • Place cart at curb by 7:00 am on your designated pick up day
  • Trash must be bagged and lids completely closed.
  • Place cart with wheels facing the residence
  • Remove cart from curb by 8:00 pm that same evening
  • Make sure cart is 3 feet from all obstacles and mailboxes.  Also make sure multiple cans are at least 3 feet apart.. 
  • If you cannot close the lid on your cart each week, call Sanitation about an extra cart
  • Have your bulky items and limbs at the curb by 7:00 am Monday the week of your bulky item pick up
  • Use the recycling drop off at the Transfer Station to help reduce your solid waste volumes

trash cart with trash around itThings NOT to Do

Do not overload the cart—the lid must close easily

Do not paint, mark, abuse or modify the cart in any way

Do not put hot materials or ashes in the carts

Do not put any liquid or hazardous waste in the carts

Do not dispose heavy materials like concrete or construction debris which are beyond the weight capacity of the cart

Do not place yard trimmings in the cart—these may be taken to the Transfer Station for disposal or left on the lawn for natural fertilizer

Do not park vehicles in front of or near carts

Do not remove cart from designated address

Do not put bulky items out at times other than your designated week

Bulk Items and Limbs Pickup

Once a month, the Cleburne Sanitation Department will have trucks that will come by your house and pick up limbs and bulky items. It is not necessary to notify the Sanitation Department that you have items out.

Bulk Week
Since there is so much bulk items and limbs to pick up in each area, it takes a week to collect it all. Make sure your items are out by the curb by 7:00am on your designated week and it will be picked up by the end of the week.

Your bulk week each month will correspond the day of the week your trash is picked up.

If your trash day is         Then your bulk week will begin
Monday                           The first Monday of each month
Tuesday                          The second Monday of each month
Wednesday                     The third Monday of each month
Thursday                         The fourth Monday of each month

What is considered bulk?
Items too large for the trash cart, such as a sofa, stove, hot water heater, mattress/box springs, etc
Tree limbs that are cut to lengths of 10 feet or less
BULK TRASHproper bulk trash

Items that are NOT considered bulk
bad bulk trash
Anything in a trash bag, box or trash can*
Eviction items*
Construction debris*
Items that are not accepted at the Transfer Station, such as refrigerators and air conditioners
Tree limbs longer than 10 feet in length*
Limbs cut by professional tree cutters*. Bulk pick up is for Cleburne residents and non-profit organizations. Professional tree trimmers must remove all limbs, leaves, etc from the residence or business.

*Extra bags, boxed trash, items in a trash can, eviction and construction debris and non-qualifying limbs may be taken to the Transfer Station for a fee. A recent City of Cleburne water bill will cover the fees for a load up to 800 lbs, or 800 lbs of a heavier load.