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Geographic Policing
Geographic Policing (or "Geo" Policing) involves the assignment of public safety service providers to defined geographic areas or beats. Whenever possible, officers are assigned to the same beat. This enables them to build relationships with area residents and partnerships with community organizations.

These partnerships build trust between local communities and police and give officers more insight when addressing recurring problems or recognizing developing trends in the area. Officers are able to actively involve citizens in the problem solving process and citizens are more comfortable with familiar officers.

Geo Policing also makes good business sense. Its structure requires a coordinated approach to problem solving by all ranks within the police department. That is, all levels of personnel participate to ensure that daily, short-term, and long-term concerns are addressed.

For instance, officers respond to traditional emergency incidents and use daily problem solving strategies in and around their beat. They work closely with the Crime Prevention Specialists to mobilize neighborhood watch groups and seek out resources needed to achieve long-term solutions. Shift Lieutenants share responsibility for all beats during a shift. However, they are specifically responsible for all short-term and long-term strategic planning and problem solving issues that may arise in their individually assigned beat. The Assistant Chief, with input from the Lieutenants, prioritizes problems across all beats for long range planning and allocates available resources to solve them. This ensures the most effective deployment of police resources.

We invite you to get to know the Lieutenant assigned to your geo beat, and to contact them directly with issues your community is facing. If you do not know which district you are in, please contact our non-emergency number at (817) 645-0972. Give the address you are calling about and the communicator will let you know what district you are in. Please remember that these are non-emergency numbers. For emergencies, please continue to dial 911.

For real time crime activity in your neighborhood, go to You can check criminal activity around you, sign up for neighborhood watch reports that automatically email a breakdown of recent crime activity, and submit anonymous tips about a crime to our agency.

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Lt. GoodmanPatrol District 1
(North Cleburne)
Lieutenant Goodman

Lt. Linn Goodman has been a member of the Cleburne Police Department since 2004. Before promoting to Lieutenant, he was over the Professional Standards Unit. Lt. Goodman is also a member of the Regional Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee (REPAC) and helped develop interoperability training for users of the Fort Worth Regional Radio System.

Lt. WicksonPatrol District 2
(West Cleburne)
Lieutenant Wickson

Lt. Shane Wickson joined the Cleburne Police Department in 2003 where he has been in the Patrol Divison. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Texas Christian University. Along with his other duties, Lt. Wickson currently serves on the Technology Team for the police department.

Lt. MoseleyPatrol District 3
(East Cleburne)
Lieutenant Moseley

Lt. Gary Moseley has been with the Cleburne Police Department for 16 years, all in the Patrol division. He has been a member of the SWAT Team for 14 years and is the Tactical Paramedic. Lt. Moseley has also served the US Military for 28 years. He is currently in the Navy Reserves holding the rank of Chief Petty Officer.

Lt. GormanPatrol District  4 
(South Cleburne)
Lieutenant Gorman

Lt. Larry Gorman has been with the Cleburne PD 23 years. He has worked both Patrol and Community Services as an Officer and Supervisor. Along with previously supervising the School Resource Officers, he taught the D.A.R.E. program. Lt. Gorman is currently participating in the LEMIT program through Sam Houston State University. He grew up in Godley and currently lives in Cleburne with his wife and daughter.