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Community Services Unit
Community Services Unit

The Cleburne Police Department Community Services Unit offers a wide variety of informative and proactive community programs. These programs are aimed at educating the citizens of Cleburne about their police department and ways that they might be able to protect themselves and their property. The Community Services Unit is located at 310 W. Chambers and is directly across the street from the American Legion Hall.

The Community Services Office is typically open Monday - Thursday 8:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M.

cambronThe Community Services Supervisor is Sgt. Shawn Cambron. Sgt. Cambron has been with the Cleburne Police Department for 22 years. Sgt. Cambron has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Stephen F. Austin State University and holds a Master Peace Officer License. Sgt. Cambron is a certified Crime Prevention Specialist and Police Instructor. Sgt. Cambron is in charge of the Community Services Unit and coordinates all of the community service programs offered by the Cleburne Police Department.

Sgt. Shawn Cambron

Cpl. Bryan Proctor is also assigned to the Community Services Unit. Cpl. Proctor has been with the Cleburne Police Department for 13 years. Cpl. Proctor holds an Advanced Peace Officers License and is a certified Police Instructor. Cpl. Proctor heads up the Impact team and Problem Solving Team. These entities deal with community problem issues and known problem area hot spots where a special police presence is needed.

Cpl. Bryan Proctor

Three officers are assigned to the schools and they are:

Ofc. Kerri Abbott - Cleburne High School

Ofc. Pete Munoz - Wheat Middle School

Ofc. Keith Fox – Smith Middle School

These officers serve as School Resource Officers (SRO's), providing students, staff, and school facilities with direct one-on-one police services. SRO's schedules coincide with school schedules and the officers also attend extra-curricular school functions as part of their official duties.

The SRO's, Cpl. Proctor and Sgt. Cambron serve the community through direct interaction in all areas of the city, including the business community, residential organizations, civic organizations, and public and private schools.

Feel free to contact the Community Services Unit regarding crime prevention programs or to request an officer speak at your meeting. Personal, residential, vehicle, and travel safety are a few of the topics available for presentations to the public.

All services offered by the Community Services Unit are completely free of charge!

Programs Offered:
Crime Stoppers 
Citizen Police Academy (CPA)  
Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS)
Neighbor Hood Crime Watch  
Operation ID 
Home and Business Security Surveys

Community Services
Cleburne Police Department
303 W. Henderson
Cleburne, TX 76033

Sergeant Shawn Cambron

Corporal Bryan Proctor