Cadet Unit #3417

The Cadet Program is an official program of the Cleburne Police Department, designed by Public Safety Cadets to provide young adults who may be interested in a career in law enforcement with a comprehensive program of training, competition, service, and practical experiences. It is through such activities that Cadets are able to broaden their understanding and knowledge of the law enforcement profession in general and learn the challenges and rewards of providing police services in their own community.

What Cadets Do

Cadets attend regular meetings and participate in training and practical hands-on activities provided by a dedicated team of law enforcement professionals and adult volunteers. After completing basic training, Cadets are eligible to participate in our Ride-Along program, where they can observe firsthand patrol operations and community policing.

Cadets also assist in such areas as crime prevention, record keeping, traffic/crowd control, and tele-communications. These forms of assistance serve to demonstrate that Cadets can be beneficial to the agency and the community, and are always conducted under the supervision of law enforcement officers.


In order to become a member of the Cleburne Police Cadet Unit #3417, you must:

  • Have completed the eighth grade and be at least 14 years of age and younger than 21.
  • Be free of any criminal record. 
  • Be in good academic standing with your school, maintaining at least a “C” average.
  • Attend three consecutive meetings.
  • Submit an application for membership.
  • Successfully complete a background investigation.
  • Complete an oral interview with the advisory staff.


Meetings are held every Monday, excluding major holidays, at the Cleburne Police Department Training Building located at 1703 Park Blvd, Cleburne, TX 76033.


The advisors are police officers and other volunteers and employees of the Cleburne Police Department. Advisor training is provided by Public Safety Cadets

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can girls join?
    Absolutely! Young women have always been a part of the Cadet Program and share equal responsibilities in the program.
  • What does it cost? 
    An initial fee is required by the Public Safety Cadets. After, there are Unit monthly dues of $5. The Cadet purchases uniforms and boots, but equipment is provided by the Police Department. Some Cadets opt to purchase additional equipment such as flashlights and leather gear. Sponsors and fundraising help cover most travel expenses for local, state, and national conferences and events.
  • Is it all work? 
    The social aspect of the Cadet program is as important to us as the professional services we provide. Cadets may participate in a wide variety of trips and activities throughout the year.
  • What is the oral interview?
    It is not like a job interview. It is an opportunity for the advisors and senior members of the Unit to sit down and talk with you. You will be asked why you are interested in joining the program, what you hope to gain through your participation and your level of commitment to the Cleburne Police Cadet Program.
  • Is the program about recruiting police officers?  
    Not at all! Many members go on to rewarding careers in law enforcement; however, many more pursue other career interests. Police Cadets are provided a real life behind the scenes look at law enforcement so that they can make an informed career decision later in life.