Wireless Internet

During regular operating hours, the library provides wireless internet connectivity as a service for patrons with wireless-enabled devices.

Accessing the Wireless Network

  • Open your wireless network screen (refer to the documentation that came with your wireless device for more on this step - often this is just a click of a wireless network icon) 
  • Connect to the wireless network via the network called “Cleburne Library.” No username, password or encryption is needed
  • Open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.) and start surfing

Wireless Etiquette 

  • Please do not run laptop cords across walkways.
  • Please keep the sound on your laptop off. If you want to use files with audio, you’ll need to bring a set of headphones and keep the volume low. 
  • All patrons in our building are governed by our library policies, including the computer use policy. The Reference Desk can provide you with a copy of this policy if you need to review it. 


  • The security of your laptop is your responsibility. We strongly encourage all wireless users to install up-to-date virus protection on their laptops or wireless devices and to download the latest security patches for their operating system and software. The library is not responsible for any damage to patron laptops due to hackers, viruses, etc. 
  • As with most public “wireless hotspots,” you should assume the connection is not secure. The Cleburne Public Library’s wireless network is open to all users (no password) and is not encrypted. Keep that in mind before accessing sensitive personal or business information.

Technical Assistance

Unfortunately, our staff cannot provide you with individual assistance in accessing this service. We cannot assist you in making changes to your network settings or performing any troubleshooting on individual machines. For questions not covered by this guide, please refer to your owner's manual or other support services offered by the manufacturer of your wireless device.