HOPE Program (Help for Occupants)

CIATo help community members meet property maintenance standards, the city has created the Helping Occupants Prosper Everyday (HOPE) Community Revitalization Program. This economic development program is in partnership with local non-profit Christmas in Action (CIA).

This program allows Christmas in Action to do what they do best: helping Cleburne residents keep their homes in healthy and safe conditions. Through this program, residents who are unable to meet city property maintenance codes—either financially or physically—are eligible to receive services from Christmas in Action .

Urban blight is the decay and deterioration of a neighborhood caused by neglect, age of structures or economic stagnation. This decline has an adverse impact on the neighboring properties and our community as a whole. The HOPE program addresses the redevelopment of existing housing stock in the City and promotes development within the City as a whole.

The City supports Christmas in Action’s mission to restore the homes of our vulnerable population by organizing volunteer groups, churches, community leaders and local businesses to renovate, revitalize and maintain those homes. CIA has led this effort in Cleburne since 1999.

For more information, visit the Christmas in Action website.