Pre-Construction Meeting

  1. Once the construction plans and the Plat have been approved a Pre-construction Meeting must take place before any construction may begin on the project site.  
  2. All items from the Pre-Construction Meeting Checklist must be SUBMITTED to the Public Works Administrative Senior Secretary prior to scheduling the Pre-Construction Meeting.
  3. Attendees should include the Developer, the Engineer of Record, the General Contractor, and all Subcontractors that will be constructing the public infrastructure.

Printable Pre-Construction Meeting Requirement Checklist can be found here.

  • A minimum of two (2) full size (24" x 36"), and three (3) half-size (11" x 17") scalable sets of final plans, plus an electronic .pdf copy and any additional sets required for the contractors, sub-contractors, engineers, testing laboratories, surveyors, etc. to be stamped and signed "Released for Construction" by the City Project Manager;
  • All plans for construction of the project should be stamped and signed sets. Only original stamped and signed sets are allowed in the field;
  • Developer Agreement (if applicable) if it hasn’t been executed;
  • Fully Executed Construction Contracts;
  • Original Payment Bond, Performance Bond, and Maintenance Bond for 100% of the cost of the public infrastructure improvements; (MUST USE CITY FORM)
  • Detailed estimate of Infrastructure signed and sealed with 3% Inspection Fee Calculations; sorted by size for utility main (i.e. Water, Sanitary Sewer, Storm, Paving);
  • 3% Inspection Fee Payment;
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance; (CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLE OF REQUIREMENTS)
  • Copy of Erosion Control Documents according to size of soil disturbance: 
    • a. 1 acre to less than 5 acres – Site Notice for Small Construction Activities 
    • Caution: If your project is part of a larger common plan of development, and the total number of acres disturbed under the plan is 5 acres or more, then your project is not a small construction activity. You must comply with the requirements for Construction Activities Disturbing 5 or More Acres. 
    • b. 5 acres or greater – Notice of Intent (NOI) & SWPPP
  • Construction Schedule;
  • Contact information for General, Utility, and Paving Contractors;
  • Marked Specification Booklet for the proposed infrastructure materials;
  • Approved applicable permits associated with subject site (i.e.Demo, retaining wall, TxDOT, Corps, etc.).