Water and Wastewater Rates

The City of Cleburne uses a base and usage rate for its wastewater and water billing. 

Adopting the Rate Structure

On September 24, 2019, the City of Cleburne City Council approved  Ordinance 09-2019-59, adopting a rate structure for three fiscal years:  Fiscal Year 2020, Fiscal Year 2021, and Fiscal Year 2022.  The city adopted a change in its water and wastewater rates for a more equitable rate structure to support the city’s water and wastewater facilities and infrastructure and the system’s growth.

Starting October 1, 2021, the next phase of this adopted rate structure will begin for Fiscal Year 2022.  Cleburne water and wastewater customers will see a change in their bill. 

Charges and Rates

The wastewater base charge for all customers will be $17.08 beginning with the October 1 billing period.  The wastewater service charge, based on water usage, will be unchanged at $3.86 per 1,000 gallons with a residential maximum at 13,500 gallons.  The service demand charge will be $17.08, with a residential wastewater maximum charge of  $69.19.

The water base charge is  dependent on water meter size. All properties with ¾-inch meters will have a base charge of $22.87. A meter that is 1 inch will have a $40.48 charge, and meters 1 ½- inches and larger will have a base charge of $90.66.

A water usage rate of $6 per 1,000 gallons is added to the base charge and is unchanged for Fiscal Year 2022.

View water and wastewater costs and impact fees for new development and redevelopment here.