Gas and Oil Well Administration

The exploration, development, and production of gas in the City of Cleburne is an activity which necessitates reasonable regulation to ensure that all property owners, mineral and otherwise, have the right to peacefully enjoy their property, its benefits, and revenue. 

The purpose of the Gas & Oil Well Administrative Team, under the Engineering Services Department, is to establish and ensure uniform limitations, safeguards, and regulations for present and future operations on private or public property. These regulations, safeguards, and uniform limitations will serve as minimum standards for the exploration, drilling, development, production, transport, and storage of gas and other substances associated with gas or oil. 

These minimum standards will facilitate the health, safety, and general welfare of the public in the City of Cleburne, while minimizing the potential impact to private and public property, and mineral rights owners. Environmental protection through the orderly production of available mineral resources is also a key foundation for the Gas & Oil Well Administration. 

Inspection Services

The Gas and Oil Well Administrative Team regularly inspects drill sites within the City of Cleburne's jurisdiction in accordance with City Ordinance Chapter 118: Oil and Gas Drilling. In addition to municipal oversight, the state also has jurisdiction through the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) which includes, but not limited to: 

  • Well permitting;
  • Well inspecting;
  • Gas & Oil Production;
  • Enforcement of Texas rules and regulations applicable to Gas and Oil production
The inspection provides oversight during the construction of a new pad site to ensure compliance with the gas well permit. The Gas Well inspector conducts site inspections of each facility. An annual inspection is conducted once per year, per well in accordance with the City's Oil and Natural Gas Drilling Ordinance. The Inspector maintains extensive contact with the general public and industry professionals and oversees environmental remediation efforts. Follow-up inspections are performed to ensure compliance with City guidelines and instructions. 
 For more information please contact the Public Works Department. 

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