Informational Resources for Cleburne

The City is committed to providing resources that may be helpful to the citizens of Cleburne. The resources on these pages are third-party resources that provide a necessary service that encompasses the city; or events that may impact the public, or private infrastructure of Cleburne. Engineering Services, along with Public Works, maintain only the public infrastructure for Cleburne. Private infrastructure issues are handled by the respective owner of that infrastructure, whether it is private or state. The state of Texas plays a large role in transportation infrastructure in the city and resources are provided to inform the city of any potential impacts to the roadways which are maintained by the state. 

Private infrastructure, such as electricity or natural gas, play an important role in the day-to-day business and lives of those in Cleburne. It can be frustrating when an outage or unknown issue occurs which impacts these important services. This section of Engineering is here to provide some alleviation of these frustrations, when or if they occur, for the City of Cleburne. 

The City of Cleburne also maintains a GIS map, which will be linked below on this page for those who wish to view it. The Public GIS will have more features in the future. 

Atmos Energy Outages

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Johnson County GIS Map




Oncor Outage & Reporting


TxDOT Roadways