Oncor Street Light Outages and Power Outages

ONCOR provides electrical service to the City of Cleburne. From power lines and power poles, to street lights; ONCOR provides many benefits to our City. Fortunately, ONCOR has provided easy tools to report outages, and to even sign up for outage texts for your area. 

This page is for these resources, and provided, with thanks to ONCOR for creating these tools, for our citizens to view through our City web pages for ease of access. The actual links will be provided as well for those who would like to view the maps in full screen. 

For those who would like to view the Outage Map full screen, the link is:

ONCOR Outage Map

For those who would like to view the page in full screen, the link to street light outage reporting is:

Oncor Street Light Outage Reporting

To report an outage with ONCOR:                                                                    To sign up for text alerts with ONCOR:  

ONCOR-Report an Outage                                                                               ONCOR Alerts