In oTexas811Logorder to avoid unnecessary damage, and to locate lines for free before digging, there is a free service called Texas811. This service locates underground utilities, and can be started via a phone call or online request through the texas811.org website.  

  • Texas811 creates a ticket that alerts the nearby registered utility companies to go to your worksite and mark their underground utilities are located.  
  • This helps prevent unintended consequences from digging into an underground utility such as injury, damage to property and service outages.
  • Texas law requires that Homeowners and Excavators contact 811 two-business days (excluding weekends and holidays) before digging or excavating, even if your working in your own backyard.  Homeowners should contact 811 when building or repair a fence, planting a tree, installing a sprinkler system or any chore or maintenance that requires digging.
  • Underground utility lines can be hard to find and to track during construction and/or digging.  These lines include gas, electric, water, wastewater, communications, and even irrigation lines.

The City of Cleburne does not locate private utility lines on private property; the City’s jurisdiction stops at the property line.

Contacting 811 is Fast, Easy and Free.  It's the Law.

  1. Contact 811. Dial 811 or make a request online two-business days before any digging project.
  2. Wait the two-business days for the utilities companies to mark the work area.
  3. Confirm that all affected utility companies have responded.  Responses can be verified by comparing markings with utilities listed on the 811 ticket. Learn what each colored marking means.
  4. Respect and replace the markings provided by the utility companies.  These markings are your guide for the duration of the project.
  5. Carefully Dig. It is the responsibility of the person digging to avoid damaging marked lines.